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A man with a true Renaissance spirit - David Lynch although trained as a painter, is best known for his internationally acclaimed film career. In addition to his remarkable career in film, he is also a writer, photographer, musician, composer, sculptor, cartoonist, and most recently a printmaker.
Lynch describes his painting as a process of action and reaction. During his three visits David Lynch created 118 different images-monotypes along with editioned prints and photogravures. The works are mostly monochromatic. They have a deliberately primitive and crude quality, which results in works of great beauty. He includes words in many of the images, which are intended to start the viewer thinking about the works, but he also sees the words as forms, shapes, and textures.
In a talk that he gave in 1997, David Lynch described how he felt about the process of printmaking: "It has the same sort of excitement as when you go to the photo shop to get your pictures back. Even though you took them, they never come out exactly the way you see them through the camera. There is always some sort of surprise, and that's the way it is with printmaking. With action and reaction exciting things begin to happen."



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