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Cameron Martin's visual vocabulary primarily deals in rocks, trees and water. These elements form the basis of the images he created during his January 2003 visit to Tandem Press. They are derived in part from the landscape he experienced while growing up in Seattle. "I was surrounded by the imagery of nature," Martin noted. "There was an element of grandeur, of the sublime. It was something you couldn't overcome, something which contained awe, beauty, and terror." To accentuate his reductive approach, Martin uses different kinds of paint to achieve the distinctive effects that characterize his images. The paints include: oil, alkyd, acrylic, and interference paint used in automobile detailing work. The latter has a metallic sheen. When it is applied in layers it becomes opaque and creates a luminous surface that lends a sense of volume to what is being portrayed. The rocks become lumpy masses. The trunks and limbs of trees are skeleton bones reaching for the sky and the surface of the water reads like a shimmering film over a fathomless deep.



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